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Back row from left: Marian Lustig, Steven Lustig, Megan Miller
Front row from left: Colleen Fitzhenry, Lorna Roesch

Lustig & Fitzhenry Financial Services is an advisor team led by Steven Lustig and Colleen Fitzhenry. The team has almost 50 years of combined experience and have demonstrated a commitment to our clients based on trust, education, and understanding. We take a personalized approach with our clients to help them reach their financial goals and have always stressed the importance of having a plan in place when it comes to their personal financial future. It is our goal to continue providing enhanced levels of service and support for years to come.

Lustig & Fitzhenry Financial Services does not operate on its own. They work within a broker dealer, MML Investors Services, LLC, which is one of the strongest, most reputable companies in the industry. Click here to learn more about MMLIS.